Vom hohen Norden her trudelt ein kurzes aber knackiges Review zu Zwischenwelt ein! Es kommt aus Norwegen und wurde von Ulf Backstrøm von Permafrost.today geschrieben.

Einen kleinen Klick hier und ihr könnt es selber lesen. Da es, wie soll es auch anders sein, in Norwegisch geschrieben ist gibt es hier im Post direkt die englische Übersetzung.


Stay Heavy \m/


The debut for the German melodic death metal band Pentarium came two years ago and called Schwarzmaler. Now the new slice Zwischenwelt is ready, and here is both German and English lyric, and a slice full of energy and melancholy. The music of the Germans shows a band that has developed and matured, and still has a so-called Scandinavian character over the music. The theme of the quintet often deals with topics such as suicide, murders, conflicts and various social criticisms.


The band has been on since 2006 and is a resident of the small idyllic city of Griesheim. It took two years and a lot of replacements from the beginning until a firm and stable crew came into place. Philip Burkhard plays keyboards and miscellaneous synths and it opens up to various sonic possibilities.