Aus dem fernen Brasilien kommt ein Review zu uns, geschrieben von Victor Augusto von Zum selber lesen einfach hier klicken.

8/10 Punkten haben wir erhalten.


Da das Review auf brasilianisch ist, haben wir das Review für euch auch auf englisch erhalten:

Pentarium is a German melodic Death Metal band that use lyrics in English and German. Despite the term „Melodic Death“, they add more elements, trying to escape from that „more of the same“ music or constant extremism we know within this style.

Songs like „Wo Worte Versagen“ and „Stare Into Darkness“ are examples that the band knows how to put fast and medium rhythms, opening space for guitar work, melodies and a different vocal interpretation. This last one still received a beautiful guitar solo, something that the band does not present much during the audition.

„Memoria“ maintains a slower cadence, but do not you think that it means a relief in the heaviness, just the opposite; the music is well dragged and captivating at the same time. Philip Burkhard’s keyboard / synthesizer is a key piece in the progress of all music. He is able to give a new life and often acts isolated from the rest of the band, still adding to the sound.

„Dal Mon“, „Beyond“ and „Nordlicht“ retake the speed with a more Thrash Metal spirit and „Vor Dem Sturm“ ends in a ballad mood, being very quiet with cleaner voices allied to a light guitar base.

Basically, the great highlight of the band was to join the traditional weight and melodies of Melodic Death Metal, adding to something more modern of synthesizers. Another point to highlight is how the band hit well all styles they have in their sonority, always alternating extreme parts with calmer parts, without losing the punch.