+++Raging Storm Festival 2018+++

The Raging Storm Festival 2018 in Friedberg (Hessen) is over and we are exhausted – but very happy.
Everybody rocked this place. We are very glad to have played with Ysgramor, The Watcher, Drop Of Rage, Spreading Miasma and Corbian.
Our bus special was a great success and we had a lot of fun.
We hope to see a few of you at one of our next concerts.


Stay heavy, friends \m/

+++ Happy New Year +++

We think it’s better late than never:
Pentarium wishes all of you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and an awesome start to 2018.
The coming year will be full of action and we already have a lot of things planned.
To give you guys a sneak peek: we have finished the artwork and the track list for our upcoming album “Zwischenwelt”.

– Nekropolis
– Flames
– Rise Of The Outer Gods
– Abschied
– Stare Into Darkness
– Wo Worte Versagen
– Beyond
– Memoria
– Daemon
– Nordlicht
– Vor Dem Sturm

+++ RoFA Ludwigsburg, Break Your Neck Extended +++

It was an absolutely awesome experience to play a concert in one of the most popular metal music clubs in Germany.

Thanks to BULLETRAIL and MOURNFUL WINTER and the whole Rockfabrik team as well as DJ Darkstorm, the initiator.


We’d be really proud to visit you again!


Pictures by:  http://www.m-momente.de/blog/

Melodic death metal goes acoustic. The result could be seen at METAL UP YOUR LIFE IV

Your reactions out there were amazing. Again, thanks a lot.

Also, here’s a review by Realisart!






25.11.2017 – Oetinger Villa – Darmstadt

We will play a special acoustic set for you at the next METAL UP YOUR LIFE!

A bunch of really good bands are waiting for you:

-> DOORS OPEN: 6.30pm START: 7.30pm


FOR TICKETS CONTACT: band@pentarium.de


ABINCHOVA (melodic death / folk metal) -> HEADLINER


DARKEST HORIZON (melodic death / epic metal)

SOULBOUND (alternative metal)








+++ Thanks Munich +++

Wow, Munich. We had a blast with you!!!
We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to coming and visiting you again.
We’ll have a small break before we play a short and calm acoustic set at
METAL UP YOUR LIFE 4 on November 25th, 2017.
Tickets will be available soon.


Yeah guys,

Next week we are on the road again to Munich for ENTORIAS ALBTRAUMNACHT VOL. 2
Chaedrist, Mornir, Sweeping Death and the hosts – Entoria – are playing with us.
Doors open at 7pm / the show starts at 7.30pm
Ticket price is €10
Tickets are available here: https://www.brombeershop.de/tickets/entorias-albtraumnacht.html
Friedenstraße 10
81671 Munich
We’re looking forward to a great evening!

+++ New Website +++

Thanks to Mountain Range Creative Factory we proudly present to you our new homepage. They really did an awesome job on this.

We hope you like it!

From September onwards, we’ll be playing a number of concerts. The next one is on September 9th, 2017.

We are more than happy to play the B.E.A.S.T. Open Air in Münster/Dieburg with our friends Precipitation and Roots Of Unrest.

Come in masses, entrance is free.

P.S. We’ll have new songs for you.

+++ New shows confirmed +++

Hey friends

here the next shows

25.03.2017 Oettinger Villa   VVK: 12 € AK 14 €  Ask us or the other bands for ticket sale

13.04.2017 JuCa Babenhausen AK: 4 €

16.09.2017 Club Zentral Stuttgart – more Informations soon

12-13.01.2018 Junity Friedberg Raging Storm Festival -more Informations soon

+++ 10 years of Pentarium / new CD +++

On December 1st, 2016, Pentarium turned 10 years old.

For this occasion we decided to do something special.

Because our older material only exists in more or less moderate quality, we will re-record a few old songs in a renewed version. We will also add in a few unreleased songs.

We will also adjust our live set so you can listen to some of the new stuff.

The facts summed up:

-New CD with old songs in a new setup + unreleased songs

-The lyrics for our old songs are in English

-The lyrics for the unreleased songs or fragments which we’ve composed in the past will be in German. They will be different to the usual Schwarzmaler material.

-New live set

With this in mind we will start the year 2017 and wish you all the best

P.S. Those of you who read through all of this get a new announcement as a reward: Schwarzmaler is getting a follow-up EP.

It will be a concept EP with brand-new songs.