Next gig confirmed

Our next show will be at the Schon Schön in Mainz on the 2nd of April.
We are supporting Agathodaimon on their record release show.

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“Schwarzmaler” and “Abgott” are taken down from Spotify and co.

In the next few days you will have the last chance to listen to “Schwarzmaler” on Spotify and co. In order to avoid chaos with the exploitation rights of songs posted twice, due to the re-recording as an addition to Abgott, we have decided to take the original version out of digital distribution. The versions will continue to be available as regular CDs, the same applies to Zwischenwelt

Reveal Abgott

The long awaited and highly anticipated successor of our latest album “Zwischenwelt” from 2018 will see the light of the day on Friday May 27th, 2022!
Now it’s time to reveal the artwork and track list. The double album contains 12 brand new tracks on album #1 and 14 re-recorded tracks on album #2. Expect Grooving-Death-Metal in the core, encased in a symbiosis of Melodic-Death and Modern-Metal!

Pentarium are:
Carsten Linhs – vocals
Florian Jahn – guitars
Fabian Laurentzsch – bass
Philip Burkhard – keyboards
Max Peev – drums

Track list Abgott:
01 Aufbruch
02 Weltenwanderer
03 Enigma
04 Road To Nowhere
05 Eremit
06 Abgott
07 Revenge
08 Thronebreaker
09 Project Hellfire
10 Omen Omega
11 Marsch Der Maschinen
12 Only For The Weak

Track list Pentarium:
01 Widerstand
02 Macht Durch Angst
03 13
04 Nimmermehr
05 Rise Of The Outer Gods
06 Kronzeuge
07 Memoria
08 Nekropolis
09 Vanitas
10 Flames
11 Beyond
12 Stare Into Darkness
13 Auf Schwarzen Schwingen
14 Schwarzmaler

New Date

We have a replacement date for the gig with Entgeist and Eisregen. The new date is the 8th of October 2022. The Location is still the LIVE MUSIC HALL Weiher

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New Label

We are stoked to announce that we are working with Darkstorm Records from now on. We are really looking forward to work with them

Concert 30.21.2021 postponed

Sadly our concert with Eisregen and Entgeist has been postponed.
We will inform you as soon as we have more informations

Donations for Mike

As you may have noticed, we are collecting donations for a good cause at our concerts.This time the donations are for Mike. He needs a special wheelchair for his home to do his homework and to learn for school as well.Sadly his health insurance doesn’t cover the costs for this.

To make this easier we made a donation on Paypal.
Of course, all donations, whether PayPal or at a concert in cash, will be added up at the end.

Just klick on this Image to get directed to the Paypal donation:

Here you have the other pictures you can find on our social media as well:

Next Show 30.12.2021

Next show confirmed with Eisregen and Entgeist at the Live Music Hall – Weiher

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Next Gig Confirmed

After the gig is before the gig.
On Oktober 30 we are playing a concert with Corbian and Fool The Masses at the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt.
There is no pre-sale. Only at the box office.


Pentarium goes Discord

We now have a Discord server. Come by, meet the band members and ask them all the questions you want!
You also have the opportunity to to get news about Pentarium in advance.
Here is the invitation: