Only For The Weak (In Flames Cover)

From the upcoming album “Abgott”:


You waited for it and here it is:
The lockdown-version of THRONEBREAKER from our upcoming album “Abgott”.
Have fun!

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Teaser/New Music

Good news everyone!

On Friday the 15th of May we will release the first song from our upcoming album “Abgott” on YouTube.

Be sure you don’t miss it!


We decided to start a small weekly quiz on Facebook and Instagram to shorten the waiting time for “Abgott”.

Stay tuned. At the end the winner will get a price.

Es War Einmal…

On February 29th, 2020 we are guests in the Sakrema in Pforzheim at the album release show by Gefrierbrand. Totenlegion are also part of the event.

Facebook Event:

Red Winter Night Vol. 2

For the Second time we are hosting the Red Winter Night. This time we brought Entoria and Bulletrail as guests to the Goldene Krone Darmstadt.


Next Gig 2nd of November 2019 confirmed: Nebelforst Night II in Hanau

On the 2nd of November 2019 we will share the stage with Hávamál, Blakylle and Varus.

Facebook event:

New Evil Music 15 Years Nostalgia-Show

On the 11th of October we are playing in the Steinbruch-Theater.
On this evening we will join BÖSEDEATH, Hopscotch, Legal Hate, Lunatic Dictator and Mein Kopf Ist Ein Brutaler Ort.

Link to the Facebook-Event:

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Nachtleben 09/14/2019

We will play at the Nachtleben in Frankfurt.
Sapiency, All Will Know and Third Wave will play with us.

The Link for the Facebook-Event is here

Gig in the Blackland bar in Berlin

We are heading to Berlin on 21st of June! As part of the Fête de la Musique we play in the Blackland bar.

Facebook: Blackland – Berlin Rock & Metal Bar
Event: FacebookEvent