With Zwischenwelt we closed a very important chapter, wich began over 10 years ago. The least of you should know that nearly the whole stuff on Zwischenwelt is stuff from our beginning. The two exceptions are Nekropolis and Rise Of The Outer Gods. We wrote those two especially for Zwischenwelt.

With Stare Into Darkness one can find the first Pentarium song ever written on this album.

Due to the age of the songs and the musical bandwidth, we knew that Zwischenwelt would not be an easy album.

But wich metal band is afraid of critics and mass opinion?


All your replies from all over the world, the responses during and after our concerts and the fact that our albums even find buyers at the other end of the world show us how well the disc appeals to you all.



Are you still wondering why we wrote this text or do you already suspect something?

Despite Zwischenwelt and all the shows we did we have not been lazy. We are already working on new stuff. As the headline and the introduction suggest, the new disc will turn out different from what you already know from us.


So keep your eyes and ears open, we’ll get back to you with new information soon.


ABGOTT will come in 2019