On December 1st, 2016, Pentarium turned 10 years old.

For this occasion we decided to do something special.

Because our older material only exists in more or less moderate quality, we will re-record a few old songs in a renewed version. We will also add in a few unreleased songs.

We will also adjust our live set so you can listen to some of the new stuff.

The facts summed up:

-New CD with old songs in a new setup + unreleased songs

-The lyrics for our old songs are in English

-The lyrics for the unreleased songs or fragments which we’ve composed in the past will be in German. They will be different to the usual Schwarzmaler material.

-New live set

With this in mind we will start the year 2017 and wish you all the best

P.S. Those of you who read through all of this get a new announcement as a reward: Schwarzmaler is getting a follow-up EP.

It will be a concept EP with brand-new songs.